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Brewing time, the temperature of the water and what it is served with can affect your cup of tea, get it right with this guide

Black tea, white tea and green tea all have different qualities, but are all derived from the same plant – the Camellia Sinesis plant. The difference between the tea types is down to the oxidising process the leaves have gone through. Herbal and fruit teas do not actually contain any tea leaves from the Camellia Sinesis, they are made up of a variety of herbs, fruits and spices and are usually caffeine free. Each of the tea categories have varying brewing times and require water heated to different temperatures to ensure the best flavour in the cup. If prepared incorrectly, steeped for too long or made without enough tea leaves, the tea can be too weak or the flavours can turn bitter. Follow our guide for making a perfect brew…

We always recommend one teaspoon of loose leaf tea or one teabag per cup. If you prefer a stronger tea, add more tea leaves or try our two cup teabags (which contain more tea in each teabag), don't be tempted to steep for longer as the tea will become bitter.

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