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Miles’ loose leaf tea offer an aromatic and superior flavour experience to that of ordinary tea bags. Loose tea or as it is sometimes referred - speciality tea – allows the drinker to have the chance to choose from a huge range of higher quality teas and blends, each with its own unique taste. The leaves which are used in our loose tea are fresh tea leaves as they keep their natural flavours and oils much better, resulting in a superior final cup. Additionally, brewing loose leaf tea allows the drinker to choose strength and steeping time, giving them full control over your brew. So whether you prefer black, green or fruit & herbal teas, loose-leaf tea provide a wonderful and refreshing way to enjoy your favourite tea. So why settle for average, when you can immerse yourself in the wonderful flavours of Miles’ loose leaf tea?

How do you brew loose leaf tea?

Brewing loose leaf tea is a very easy process but one that vastly improves the final cup. When brewing loose tea you should begin by heating water to the temperature specified on the packet of tea you are brewing. Various teas require various water temperatures so always check the packet before heating your water. You then need to measure out the required amount of tea leaves – we recommend 1 teaspoon per person however you may add more if you prefer a stronger, more intense taste. Once heated, pour the water over the tea in and leave to rest for a few minutes. Once steeped, remove the tea leaves from infuser and pour into your chosen cup or mug. Our loose leaf tea is great as it is, however, you may wish to add sweeteners or milk according to your taste. Soon, preparing and brewing your loose leaf tea can become a part of your daily routine, which, in turn, makes that Miles cuppa that little bit more special!

Is loose leaf tea healthy?

Loose tea can definitely be part of a healthy lifestyle. Unlike regular tea bags, loose tea is whole leaves, which retain more of their natural health benefits such as antioxidants and nutrients. A couple of the antioxidants are catechins and polyphenols. Both of these are thought to have a number of different benefits, such as reducing the risk of diseases like heart disease and even certain types of cancer. In addition to this, loose leaf tea normally will use less packaging than that of regular teabags and although this isn’t strictly a health benefit, it is certainly a positive! It is also still important to remember than while loose leaf tea can aid in a person’s health, it is important to take everything in moderation and if you are unsure then please seek medical advise from a professional.

What is the difference between loose leaf and regular tea?

The difference between loose leaf tea and usual everyday teabags is split into 3 main sections; their preparation, quality and taste. Loose tea is usually whole tea leaves, while regular tea is made from crushing down the whole leaves into a much finer consistency, known in the industry as tea dust or fannings. Although the tea leaves and fannings are the same leaf, the way in which they are finally presented affect the final taste. Loose leaf tea tends has more of a  complex, nuanced flavour, whereas tea fannings which are the main tea in teabags brew much faster and does typically have a  milder taste. Loose leaf tea also has a much more aesthetically pleasing look to it due to see the whole tea leaves or even dried fruits & spices which are used in certain herbal teas. Both Miles’ loose tea and teabags are great and will be enjoyable whichever you choose - loose leaf tea offers will definitely offer a more premium feel and taste due to the longer brewing process and the better storage of flavour in the whole leaves.

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