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Our brand goes back a long way, in fact, we’ve been blending tea since 1888 so we know a thing or two. Over the years we’ve drunk gallons of tea and coffee so we like to think we’re finally able to describe ourselves as experts.

Although our heritage lies in the creation of delicious and fresh teas, in 1961 we started to explore the world of coffee and embarked on an inspirational and exciting journey that has led to the distinctive blends you enjoy today.

You may have guessed that we’re pretty passionate about tea and coffee and can’t wait to share the Miles experience with you.

About Miles Tea





Why do we have an elephant as our logo?


We get asked this a lot! Whilst the soft and cuddly Smuggles sits on our director's desk, occasionally pinching his biscuits and slurping from his mug of tea (West Country Original of course), the real Smuggles lives in India where we carefully source our tea leaves from estates that work with the Ethical Tea Partnership who work hard to create a fairer, more sustainable industry for tea workers, farmers and the environment . He's a pretty important part of the whole process and we couldn't think of anyone more suited to represent our fair-trade, ethically selected teas and coffees. Check out our blog for updates on the real Smuggles . . .





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