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Make a great milky coffee at home…

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Fresh Miles coffee and perfectly frothed milk come together to make Barista-style coffee

If you are missing your local cafe at the moment, replicate their great coffee at home. All you need is a passion for coffee, time, some basic equipment you will have in your cupboards and your favourite Miles coffee.



Two cup cafetiere
A 350-600ml milk jug


Your favourite Miles coffee, made up (either in a cafetiere or coffee machine)
350ml whole milk


  • As soon as your favourite coffee is ready, pour it into your mug, only filling it half way. 
  • Add in 350ml of cold, whole milk into a milk jug it (we recommend full fat milk for best results, but you can use semi-skimmed or skimmed if you would prefer).
  • Pour the milk into a small pan and gently heat on the hob until it reaches 60-65˚c, checking the temperature with a thermometer. Be careful to heat it slowly so the milk doesn’t burn.
  • Transfer the hot milk into your cafetiere and put the lid on with the plunger pulled all the way up.
  • Plunge up and down several times as fast as you can until you see the texture of the milk changing. You will notice that a glossy foam will start to form.
  • Pour the foam and milk back into your milk jug and swirl it slowly to mix the milk and the froth.
  • Get as close as you can to the coffee mug with the milk jug and pour the milk and froth slowly into your coffee – try to shake the milk jug side to side slightly as your pour the milk out, so you will have a balanced mixture of milk and froth.
  • The end result should be a lovely, creamy cup of coffee, enjoy!

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