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Cold brew coffee tutorial

Coffee Iced and Cold Brew

Enjoy a cold brew coffee throughout the summer

This recipe for cold brew coffee is simple to follow. We recommended preparing in the afternoon or evening and leave it in the fridge for at least 12hours before enjoying it the next day to ensure the best flavour.


Your choice of Miles coffee beans or ground coffee


Coffee grinder 
Cold brew carafe
Digital scale


  • Measure out the desired amount of coffee beans –­­ we use 70-80g of coffee beans to 1 litre of water. For a cold brew we recommend you choose a light to medium roast coffee. 
  • Grind the coffee beans to a medium course setting on your grinder. The size of the coffee once ground should be between a grain of salt and a grain of sugar. Or alternatively measure out 70-80g of your ground coffee choice. 
  • Put the ground coffee into the filter and place back in the carafe.
  • Measure out 1 litre of cold or room temperature water (if you live in a hard water area use filtered water).
  • Pour the water over the top and the brewing process will start. Place the carafe in the fridge for 12 hours. The longer the emersion (infusion) time, the richer the brew will be.
  • After 12 hours remove the filter from the carafe, placing the lid back on.

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