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227g Ground Bright & Breezy Coffee

227g Ground Bright & Breezy Coffee


Net Weight: 227g Code: 131.0297

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  • 3 Strength: 3
    • 2 Light Roast
    • 3 Medium Roast
    • 4 Medium-Dark Roast
    • 5 Dark Roast
  • Cup Great with hot milk or on its own
  • Globe Central America


The Roast

A light to medium roast, Miles’ Bright and Breezy ground coffee contains a house blend of Central America coffees, pre-ground and ready for use. This 227g bag of ground coffee promises a bright, balanced flavour, perfect for all day drinking.

The Taste

This medium strength coffee has a smooth, well-balanced flavour. The roasting of these coffee beans results in a slightly chocolatey, hazelnut-like flavour. The coffee is smooth, well balanced and drinkable all day long.

The Benefit

The caffeine in the coffee will make you feel more energised and can boost your metabolism. Coffee beans contain vitamins, many of which make their way to the brewed cup.

The Moment

From mid-morning to late afternoon, with your breakfast and after your dinner, this smooth, medium strength coffee is enjoyable at any time of the day.

The Creation

Only the finest beans from around the world make their way into our coffees. Each bag is filled with hand-roasted coffee beans. Our coffee Gurus use their experience and knowledge of the artisan coffee industry to guarantee a perfect roast every time.

Based on the edge of Exmoor and on Somerset’s coastline, we take inspiration from our beautiful surroundings to create a cup of coffee that embodies a little escape, evoking memories of a holiday in the West Country, with each sip. Our attention to detail, hand roasting and experience ensures a consistent, flavourful coffee that will see you constantly topping up your mug.




Central American Coffee Beans

Perfect Brew

Perfect Brew

For use in a Cafetiere or French Press, Stove Pot, Pour and Serve, Aeropress, Woodneck, Syphon, V60. 

For cafetieres: Allow one dessert spoon per cup. Pour on freshly boiled water and leave to stand for up to 4 minutes. Gently push the plunger down, pour and enjoy. For filter machines: Always follow the equipment manufacturer's guidelines.

Perfect Pack

The Bright and Breezy blend is available in a 227g bag of ground coffee and 40 individual sachets of ground coffee. You can also buy Bright and Breezy whole coffee beans in either 227g bag or a 1kg bag.

Perfect Pair

Enjoy this coffee roast with a chocolate chip shortbread, to echo the chocolatey flavour from the coffee beans.


To maintain the aroma and flavour of your coffee, make sure you store your coffee beans in an airtight container – a tin is better than plastic, or seal up the packaging it arrives in. Once opened, keep your coffee in a fairly cool, dry place for up to two weeks. 

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