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Freeze Dried 500g Instant granules

Freeze Dried 500g Instant granules


Net Weight: 500g Code: 151.0510

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  • Clock Instant
  • 3 Strength: 3
    • 2 Light Roast
    • 3 Medium Roast
    • 4 Medium-Dark Roast
    • 5 Dark Roast
  • Cup Milk or on its own


The Roast

If you're looking for an elite Instant coffee, then look no further than Miles Freeze Dried Instant Coffee. In freeze-drying, brewed coffee is frozen into granules, which are then placed in a vacuum chamber, where the water sublimates (evaporates without liquefaction) and produces freeze dried instant coffee. 

The Taste

Our Freeze Dried Coffee is a blend of Arabica coffees from around the world, carefully roasted to a medium strength, and freeze dried to give a rich, smooth taste.

The Benefit

The caffeine in the coffee will make you feel more energised.

The Moment 

When you are in hurry, this is your go to coffee. Ready in an instant, delicious and easy drinking.



A blend of Arabica coffees from around the world

Perfect Brew

Perfect Brew

Use one teaspoonful per cup. Pour hot water over the granules and stir to dissolve, add milk and add sugar to taste.

Perfect Pack

Our Freeze Dried Instant Coffee is available in a 100g jar or a 500g tin.

Perfect Pair

Enjoy this blend when you are pushed for time, but really want a quick coffee before you head out of the house. 


Once opened, seal up the jar and keep your coffee in a fairly cool, dry place.

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