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Step outside


Soak up the sun and enjoy days outside in the fresh air

The summer holidays are in full swing. If you are looking for ideas to entertain the whole family (while following social distancing guidelines) look no further. On dry days head outside with the family – whether you choose to stay in the garden, go to a park or visit to a nearby beach, we’ve got some great games and activity ideas for you…


Hide and Seek

This is a universal game, whether you are at the park or in the garden (or even inside on a rainy day). The seeker has to close their eyes, count to 20 and then search for the hiders. You can also hide objects and search for them, like a treasure trail!

Nature bingo

Make some cards with a list of things you might see in the garden – think birds, flowers, bugs – each card needs to have slight differences. Hand out the cards to the bingo players and when they find something in the garden they can cross it off. The first to see everything on their card wins. 


Obstacle course

Create an obstacle course in the garden, with things to jump over, stepping stones, things to crawl through – get creative!

Slip and slide

Get a slip and slide to lay out in the garden and play with on a warm day. Bring out some inflatables, like rubber rings, to play with on the slide. 

Tin can alley

Collect used tins and decorate them in colour paper and paints. Once they are dry stack them up and use a soft ball or bean bag to knock them down. Can you get them all down in one throw?



A traditional game of throwing a quoit ring onto wooden pegs, quoits is easy to pack up and take with you wherever you go.

Body boarding

Visit your local beach, take a body board and spend a day playing in the waves. Remember to check the tide times in advance and attend a beach that has lifeguards.

Woodland trail

If you go down to the woods today… take some colouring pencils with you and have children map out their route as you walk, writing down things that they see too. They can create their own trail to tell friends and family about when they get home.


Paddle boarding

Visit a nearby lake and try out stand-up paddle boarding (or the sea if it is calm enough). You can hire the boards for a few hours of waterside fun. Be prepared to get wet, because the chances are you might fall in!


If you are meeting friends at the park or beach take a rounders set with you for a team game full of fun.


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