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Japanese rice 100g Loose Leaf Tea

Japanese rice 100g Loose Leaf Tea


Net Weight: 100g Code: 112.0067

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  • Clock 3 minutes
  • 1 Strength: 1
    • 1 Light and delicate in flavour
    • 2 Medium body subtle notes
    • 3 Strong flavour and refreshing
    • 4 Very strong rich builders tea
  • Cup Great on its own
  • Globe Japan


The blend

Japanese Rice Tea is as unique as it is beautiful.  This pack contains 100g of the green tea that is blended with toasted brown rice grains – some of which have popped (like popcorn). As unusual as it sounds, this sweet tea has a distinctive nutty flavour that perfectly balances with the deliciousness of the green tea. A great conversation starter and recommended for those looking to try something new. Also known by the Japanese name 'Genmaicha'.

The taste

A sweet tasting green tea, Japanese Rice is mild with a nutty taste from the roasted rice.

The benefit

Green tea is said to boost metabolism, increase fat burn and protect the skin. Green tea contains Epigallocatechin Gallate, a natural of antioxidant. It is believed the bioactive compounds in green tea can improve brain function.

The moment

Reach for this blend when you really want to indulge in a big bag of popcorn but don’t want any calorie related guilt!

The creation

Using traditional methods of blending and tasting, this tea has been carefully crafted by the Miles team, using Miles experTeas!

Based on the edge of Exmoor and on Somerset’s coastline, we take inspiration from our beautiful surroundings to create a cuppa that embodies a little escape, evoking memories of a holiday in the West Country, with each sip. Our attention to detail and experience ensures a consistent, flavourful tea that will see you constantly topping up your mug.


The tea 

 Green tea and brown rice

Perfect Brew

Perfect Brew

Green tea is best made with hot water that has reached 80˚c, not quite at boiling point (in this instance a watched pot shouldn’t boil!). A trick to get your water to 80˚c is to boil the water and then transfer it to a cold jug before you pour the water from the jug into your teapot or mug. When you’re making green tea you do not need to warm your teapot ahead of making the tea. Use one teaspoon of loose-leaf tea per person. Pour the hot water over the tea to release its full flavour and allow to brew for 3 minutes. If you like your tea strong add more tea, don't steep for longer as this will turn the flavours bitter.

Green tea is best served on its own, without milk or lemon.

Perfect pack

Our Japanese Rice tea is available in packs of 100g or 500g of loose leaf tea.

Perfect pair

Pair this tea with a light rice dish. Ochazuke is considered a snack in Japan, so why not enjoy a bowl with a cup of tea mid afternoon?


Make sure you store your tea in an airtight container – a tin is better than plastic, or seal up the packaging it arrives in. Although tea feels dry, it contains 3% moisture and oils that are essential to its flavour. If not properly stored these can evaporate. Keep your tea in a fairly cool, dry place, which is out of sunlight and try to keep away from any spices that could taint the flavour.

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