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Tea Kite Christmas Cracker Gift Set Selection of 16 Premium Tea Kites

Tea Kite Christmas Cracker Gift Set Selection of 16 Premium Tea Kites


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The blend

Our Tea Kite Christmas Cracker has a selection of four different flavours of tea, making it the perfect gift for a tea lover. Inside the cracker, you will find four English Breakfast Tea Kites, four Earl Grey and Cornflower Tea Kites, four Rooibos, Baobab and Chai tea Kites and four Green Tea and Camomile Tea Kites. 

The traditional English Breakfast blend has been uniquely created to give you a spring in your step throughout the day. Our Tea Kites really allow the individual leaves to infuse, providing beautifully consistent cups of tea to enjoy with your Christmas cake.

A delicate and light tea, our Earl Grey and Cornflower tea takes the traditional bergamot and citrus flavours of our much-loved Earl Grey and couples them with the light fragrance of Cornflower. Relax and unwind after a busy festive period with this refreshing cup.

A delicious blend of warming spices, including cardamom, ginger and clove, perfect for the 12 days of Christmas. Our Rooibos, Baobab and Chai tea will wake you up and leave you feeling satisfied, warmed and comforted. 

Relax and detox after the Yuletide with a soothing Green Tea and Camomile brew. This clever blend not only eases digestion, but it can also help to stimulate the metabolism and relax the muscles. Made with whole camomile flowers and the finest green tea leaves, this pretty tea is a deliciously simple way to cleanse the body.

The taste

English breakfast:
Delightfully bright and full of flavour, this is the perfect start to your day. A classic, everyday English breakfast tea made using the finest Assam and Kenya tea leaves.

Earl Grey and Cornflower:
A traditional black tea flavoured with oil of bergamot and blended with cornflowers. This light tea has a delicate citrus aroma and a strong, fragrant taste.

Rooibos, Baobab and Chai:
Exotic, spicy and warming, this brew has a slight citric flavour, thanks to the Baobab and the orange and lemon peel in the chai. The rooibos (also known as Redbush) adds a rich, earthy and almost nutty flavour, while the spices in the chai give a warming, aromatic finish. 

Green Tea and Camomile:
The green tea leaves in this blend give it an aromatic, refreshing taste. The camomile flowers add a floral note. Dried camomile flowers smell and taste a little like apple, making this a sweet and fresh tasting blend. Light, soothing and relaxing this tea will leave you feeling balanced and calm.

The benefit

Black tea (English Breakfast and Earl Grey and Cornflower) contains polyphenols, a type of antioxidant. Caffeine and an amino acid called L-theanine are also found in black tea, which is said can improve alertness and focus – even more than coffee!

The spices in the Rooibos, Baobab and chai are known to aid digestion and support a healthy gut. Chai tea contains a high amount of antioxidants, while the baobab is full of vitamins and is said to help balance blood sugar levels. 

Green tea is said to boost metabolism, increase fat burn and protect the skin. Green tea contains Epigallocatechin Gallate, a natural antioxidant. It is believed the bioactive compounds in green tea can improve brain function, have protective effects on the brain and may reduce neurodegenerative disorders. It is said that camomile tea can improve sleep quality, ease digestion and relieve anxiety.

The moment

This Christmas cracker will take you through the 12 days of Christmas and beyond, with a selection of black teas to enjoy with any leftover mince pies, and Green Tea and Camomile tea to enjoy when all of those Christmas indulgences take their toll and you feel the need for a detox. 

The creation

Using traditional methods of blending and tasting, this tea has been carefully crafted by the Miles team, using Miles experTeas!

Based on the edge of Exmoor and on Somerset’s coastline, we take inspiration from our beautiful surroundings to create a cuppa that embodies a little escape, evoking memories of a holiday in the West Country, with each sip. Our attention to detail and experience ensures a consistent, flavourful tea that will see you constantly topping up your mug.


The tea

English breakfast:
100% Black Tea

Earl Grey and Cornflower:
Black Tea 96.5%, Bergamot Oil 3% & Cornflower 0.5%.

Rooibos, Baobab and Chai:
Chai 70% (Honey Bush Leaf, Cassia Bark, Cardamom Pod, Ginger Root, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel & Clove Buds), Rooibos 20% and Boabab Funicles 10%.

Green Tea and Camomile:
70% Green Tea and 30% Camomile Flower.

Perfect Brew

Perfect Brew

For the best cup of Earl Grey and Cornflower, English Breakfast or Rooibos, Baobab and Chai, place one tea kite into a pre-warmed mug and add freshly boiled water. Allow the tea to infuse for 3-5 minutes. Serve these blends on their own, with milk or with a slice of lemon.

For the best cup of Greet Tea and Camomile, place one tea kite into a mug and add water just off the boil. Allow the tea to infuse for 3-4 minutes. Serve on its own, without milk or lemon.

Perfect pack

Miles’ Christmas Cracker Gift Set is available in a Tea Kite Christmas Cracker or a Hot Chocolate Christmas Cracker

Our Earl Grey and Cornflower Tea Kites, English Breakfast Tea Kites, Green Tea and Camomile Tea Kites and Rooibos, Baobab and Chai Tea Kites are available in boxes of 15 plastic-free, pyramid teabags.

Perfect pair

Our Earl Grey and Cornflower blend is perfect to enjoy by itself, but even better with a slice of festive Stollen during the 12 days of Christmas.

We think almost any biscuit is perfect for dunking into our English Breakfast tea, so open up those Christmas biscuit tins and get dunking!

Flavoured with ginger and a variety of spices, including cinnamon and nutmeg, Gingerbread echoes the flavours in our Rooibos, Baobab and Chai tea. These hard, crunchy biscuits are strong enough in flavour to be enjoyed with this bold tea blend. 

The subtle flavour of green tea and camomile lends itself to being enjoyed with mildly flavoured foods. We recommend enjoying sliced melon or a Caesar salad with this blend – these tea kites are perfect for the days after Christmas when you feel a little bloated.


Make sure you store your tea in an airtight container – a tin is better than plastic, or seal up the packaging it arrives in. Although tea feels dry, it contains 3% moisture and oils that are essential to its flavour. If not properly stored these can evaporate. Keep your tea in a fairly cool, dry place, which is out of sunlight and try to keep away from any spices that could taint the flavour.

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