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Spring cleaning


Spruce up your home with our spring-cleaning tips… 

With a new plan on lifting the lockdown, you will want to have your home in ship-shape for when you can invite your friends and family over for dinner. Not sure where to start? Follow our tips for a big spring-clean. 

Make a plan

Ahead of tackling your spring-cleaning, set yourself a plan of action. Write down a list of the areas you want to get sorted, starting with the areas you usually miss in your routine cleaning. Note down what your aims are and give yourself an allotted time to get them done. Giving yourself a time frame will help you to avoid getting distracted. Check the list off as you work your way through it. 

De-clutter first

Before you start a deep clean, tidy away items left out of surfaces, pick up toys and clothes off the floor and give them a home and sort through any items that you no longer want. Go through your wardrobe and donate old clothes to charity, clear out the attic and recycle old paperwork you might have cluttering up a draw. 

As good as new 

Give your white goods a deep clean. Take everything out of the fridge and clean down the shelves and doors. Clean the oven and its shelves. Wipe out the washing machine seal and draw. Make all of your appliances look shiny and new again; this will go a long way to making your home feel perfectly cleaned. 

Start at the top

When it comes to cleaning each room in the house, always work from top to bottom. Wipe away any cobwebs and dust the tops of your curtains before you polish the windowsill to avoid needing to do it twice. Wipe your walls with a slightly damp cloth to get rid of any dust that's sticking to them. Hoover the floor last as disturbed dust is most likely to end up on the floor. 

Gleaming windows

Clean your windows inside and out, including the guttering – you might prefer to ask your local window cleaner to do the outside for you. After a rainy winter, windows and the surrounds can be left pretty grubby. Clean them up ready to let in lots of spring sunshine. 


Use a spring clean as an excuse to get around to all of though nagging DIY jobs. Give your walls a fresh lick of paint, fix the cupboard handle that's come off and finish your spring clean by investing in some new soft furnishings. A couple of scatter cushions or a new throw can give a room a different, fresh feel. 

Bring the outside in

From potted herbs in the kitchen windowsill and cut flowers in vases to a large spider plant spilling over a shelf in the bedroom, placing plants around the home will lift your mood and create a spring feel. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide – leaving you free to breathe fresher air, too. 

Extend your cleaning

Extend your spring clean from inside the house into the garage, garden and car. Tidy up the things that have been lying around in the garage, get rid of any rubbish left in the door of your car and power hose the patio in preparation for summer. Don’t forget to clean up the barbecue, too, ready to get stuck into some delicious alfresco meals (check out our coffee rubbed burger recipe).

Virtual spaces

Clear out your desktop, delete any unwanted emails and organise your folders on your computer. Close down tabs that you have left open and file away scraps of paper around your desk too. Your virtual clean up can extend to your social media pages too. Unfollow any pages that you no longer need, re-set your screen limits and just generally have a freshen up of your page.

Maintenance Rota

When you have finished, sit down and enjoy a well-earned cup of Miles tea and set up a rota of chores to maintain your fresh new standards. Keeping on top of your cleaning, tidying and filing will mean that come next spring, your spring-cleaning to-do list is much shorter!


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